Friday, May 27, 2016

Score Rush Extended - Announce Trailer | PS4

Score Rush Extended is an award-winning 4-player shmup.

Originally an experimental game, it became #1 in Japan. World's first widescreen dual-stick bullet-hell. Made for YOU, for all gamers. Empower the player philosophy. Pure finely-tuned gameplay. No gimmicks. Locally cooperative, globally competitive. Play alone or with your friends -- as a team! -- to compete against scores from other single player and multiplayer teams.

Designed to be the most fundamental and philosophically pure shoot 'em up ever. Tests how good you are at fundamental gameplay -- dodging and shooting enemies.

Designed with the XONA GAMES "empower the player" philosophy. Increased challenge comes from increased game difficulty not player weakness. Difficult, but can be dominated. No gimmicks. No hidden points or bonuses. To get the highest score, dominate the game.

1-4 Players
Team Play
1-8 Fighters
DUAL PLAY (control 2 fighters at once)
Dragon Music OST

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